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2018-02-02 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript With Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - February 2, 2018

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Greetings and blessings to all!

The past week has been full of numerous events on various levels from politics to eclipses and everything in between and beyond, just some of which we will touch upon this week.

One event that many were anticipating to be a bombshell was he State of the Union address by Trump. While many were hoping that Trump himself might reveal the contents of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act memo, or FISA memo. Instead, Trump delivered an address that was perhaps more traditional with only very slight hints referencing upcoming events, such as the funding to keep Guantanamo Bay prison open.  For the more informed, this is in reference to a belief by many that those who are in the process of being arrested, or who will be arrested among the global elites, will be held in Guantanamo, to be dealt with under military-style tribunals.

The release of the actual FISA memo came several days later, and even this, by some standards was considered a ‘disappointment’, because those who have already known this information, or those who already understand this level of corruption, felt that is was ‘anti-climactic’. 

As some awakened, and alternative news sources have noted, the release of this document is more important for the general public who currently have very little knowledge of how corrupted governance is in the US and worldwide.   It will be a document that helps them to awaken further, and it won’t have the same meaning for those among us who already understand what is going on.

Other sources have speculated that this FISA memo is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’, with much more to come, including an anticipated report from the

Office of the Inspector General, OIG that is soon to come that will be even bigger, along with several other anticipated revelations.

Starting with the FISA memo itself.  Again, very little surprise for those who have been following alternative news.  Several sources have reported on the details of the memo, and those links will appear in the show transcript for those who have little or no knowledge about this.

The FISA memo could be summarized perhaps, the following way, and I am quoting from an infographic prepared by :

During the pre-election period in 2016, three things were revealed within the memo:

 One:  Clinton hired the Perkins law firm to start opposition research on Trump.

Two:  the FBI head of counter-intelligence Peter Strzok started a love affair with agent Lisa Page and they exchanged thousands of texts on the importance of not having a Trump presidency.

Three: The Trump campaign made alleged minor mistakes, unless it was planned intentionally, in having meetings with a ‘Russian lawyer’.  This served the purpose of fueling the fires for a case against Trump.

Moving ahead to the last half of 2016, the FISA memo details three more points:

Through the Perkins law firm, the Democrats secured Fusion GPS to pay USD12 million to former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to create a fake ‘dossier’ on alleged Trump collusion with Russia, with none of the dossier’s contents having been confirmed on any level.

Second, the fake dossier was injected into the intelligence community via Nellie Ohr, the wife of senior DOJ official Bob Ohr. At the same time, Steele meets with various media outlets to create news stories to validate the dossier.  Yahoo runs the story.

Third, once the dossier is given some credibility via news reporting, it is then ‘weaponized’ by the FBI as ‘intelligence’ and used to secure a FISA warrant to wiretap the Trump campaign.

Looking at the period of time during the Trump presidency now, there are three more things identified by the memo:

One, without the dossier, there would never have been a FISA warrant granted against Trump.  This was revealed in December of 2016 via testimony from Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe before the House Intelligence Committee.

Two, The FISA warrant continued to be renewed every 90 days, for three more times; signed by James Comey 3 times, McCabe once, and by Acting Attorneys Generals Yates, Boente and Rod Rosenstein.

Third, to this day the fake dossier was the only item used to secure the most covert and damaging warrant, a FISA warrant, to spy on an American, on American soil, for the purpose of political gain.

FISA Infographic  - 02FEB18 : FISA Memo released:  here is what it says.  - 02FEB18 : Republican memo: What you need to know about alleged FBI & DOJ abuses  - 02FEB18 JD Heyes, : FISA memo released — bombshell report reveals MASSIVE Deep State conspiracy to keep Donald Trump out of the White House

On January 29th, Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe was forced to resign his position, as the memo’s contents appeared to suggest he was complicit in the plan.  - 29JAN18 Sara Carter, : McCabe Resigns After FBI Director Wray Reviews House FISA Abuse Memo  - 29JAN18 : McCabe Threatens to “Torch the FBI” After Forced Resignation; FBI Insider Poised to Spill All The Beans

According to a BusinessInsider news article on 30th:  “  FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a message to employees on Monday night that McCabe's ouster was primarily the result of the inspector general's investigation into his handling of the Clinton investigation, NBC News reported. - 30JAN18 Sonam Sheth, : The DOJ is reportedly investigating whether Andrew McCabe deliberately slowed the FBI's Clinton email probe

One day before the release of the memo, another, seemingly innocent, story hit the news, this one involving an Amtrak train crash in Virginia. picked up the story, and ran it with a headline targeting conspiracy theorists, because of the suspicious nature of everything leading up to the accident.  This included roads being closed in the area; a garbage truck, supposedly stalled on the tracks, which is a tactic within the CIA toolbox, and a number of Republicans on board, but not only that, with their families including children.  The politicians were not supposed to be there, nor were their families, and it seems that children had been taken out of school. This was fuelling rumours that Republicans and their families may become targets, after voting to release the memo.  - 01FEB18 : Conspiracy theorists are already making wild claims about the Amtrak train full of Republican lawmakers that collided with a truck in Virginia.

Shortly after the memo’s release, Republican Trey Gowdy, who was a rising star for taking on the establishment within his role on the House Ethics Committee, submitted his resignation and announced that he will be leaving politics, stating that he wanted to return to the judicial system.  This in turn, prompted speculation that he was being primed for a key role within the judiciary, or possibly also that he and his family were being threatened.  Possibly also, it could be both.  - 01FEB18 : Trey Gowdy announces retirement from Congress.

Earlier in January, with the announcement of the US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a string of events came from this, including the apparent passing of a bill to remove the US from the United Nations on January 22nd.  - 22JAN18 Gary Barnes, : U. S. Congress Introduces Bill To Leave United Nations

Arrests, resignations, retirements and revelations. 

Moving forward from here, what are some things now happening? 

On Feb 3rd an article appeared on the NeonNettle website reporting the following:  “President Donald Trump has allegedly warned of a potential 'false flag' attack in the US designed to distract people away from the recent FISA memo release. Yesterday's memo release has rocked the democratic party and the entire elite political establishment, not only making Trump a target, but also the public is at risk of a wave of false flag attacks by the deep state.”

This is not the end of it, however.  According to this article:  “Political commentator Monica Crowley claimed that the memo is just the first of several memos which are scheduled to be released in the next month is set to disrupt the new world order agenda.”  - 03FB18 Riva Mendoze, : Donald Trump Warns Of 'False Flag' To Distract From FISA Memo Release

Following that little breadcrumb, another article appearing on website on Feb 3rd has reported that:  Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) revealed Friday that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee would examine other agencies, including the State Department, after releasing a controversial memo alleging surveillance abuses.

Speaking on Fox News just hours after Republicans on the committee released a memo alleging surveillance abuses by the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ), Nunes said the panel was moving to "phase two" of its investigation.

"We are in the middle of what I call phase two of our investigation, which involves other departments, specifically the State Department and some of the involvement that they had in this," Nunes said. - 02FEB18 Max Greenwood, : Nunes: House panel looking at State Dept. involvement in Russia probe  - 03FEB18 : Nunes: FISA Memo Just "Phase One," Now Targeting State Department In "Phase Two.

Meanwhile, according to Jay Greenberg at NeonNettle:  “Judicial Watch has announced that it is filing a lawsuit against the Department of Justice for FBI documents regarding the FISA. The US political watchdog has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit against the DOJ for FBI documents regarding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant application submitted to – and responses from – the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court related to alleged collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russia.” - 03FEB18 Jay Greenberg, : Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Against DOJ for 'Russia Collusion' FISA Documents

Although we are witnessing events that many will consider ‘alarming’ and even ‘distressing’, it is important to keep in mind that a battle is being waged against a machine, or perhaps more accurately, a beast, that has been controlling not only Washington, but the entire US, and also the world. 

It is a rabid beast that has just been shot, but it is still fighting to the end with its last breath.

In a recent newscast, I offered a speculation that Trump was embarking on an intentional strategy.  Just as a mother weans her infant child off of her milk, so too does Trump appear to be weaning the world off of the US. 

In my personal opinion, there is a very important reason for this, even if the events seem distressing.  The world needs to be removed and distanced from everything that the old US system represented. 

By making the US milk taste sour, people and countries are moving away and cutting ties with the US. 

If the US is going to have to go through an intense and thorough tearing down of its structures, then Trump is protecting everyone from becoming collateral damage as a result of this. For their own protection, they need to be driven away.

Pulling away from the UN, and possibly even NATO would also fit in with this strategy, and the issue of the embassy in Jerusalem is already reflecting poorly on Israel, which may also have been part of the plan, to coincide with Israeli PM Netanyahu’s narcissist desire to cement his own legacy within Israel…which may also lead to his fall from grace.

What looks ‘bad’ from certain perspectives at this time may…and  do emphasize that… may later be revealed as being ultimately good for others.   ‘Captain’ Trump is trying to get as many people into lifeboats for their safety, before the good ship, USA Inc. sinks.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, I’m not sure yet. This is how it looks to me personally however, in this current moment.

So much is happening just on the subject of the US alone this week. What appears to be coming more clear however, is that something very significant is taking place within the US and within that which some people call the ‘deep state’.  An article offering a perspective on this subject will be included in the show transcript, for those choosing to read more.  - 21JAN18 : FISAgate: The Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a free-fall collapse.


In other geopolitical news,

On last week’s newscast, I reported on an alliance of countries in Europe that is starting to flex its collective muscle against the unelected leaders of the European Union. William Engdahl has commented more on this little but increasingly influential alliance in Europe that just may be able to guide positive change in Europe.

Engdahl’s article, appearing on The Liberty Beacon website on Jan 28th starts out this way:  “The German social democrat and conservative parties have finally agreed in a rotten compromise to form yet another not-so-grand coalition with the increasingly unpopular Angela Merkel as Chancellor. With this, it’s clear that Berlin is on automatic pilot in regard to such divisive policies as accepting hundreds of thousands of new refugees from southern hemisphere war zones such as Libya or Syria. In stark contrast to Berlin’s open policy, four countries in Central Europe—Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia—are steadfast in their refusal and rejection of the Brussels-mandated compulsory refugee policies and are rallying more open support across the EU for more national self-determination. In this not all levers of power lie in Berlin.” - The Visegrad Alliance.

Engdahl introduces the new alliance as he continues:  “The growing resistance of the four, united as the Visegrád Group, is opening a potential breakup of the European Union as Brussels steadfastly refuses to budge on policy and the populations across the EU stare on with disbelief and increasingly vote more national-oriented candidates such as the newly-elected Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian Peoples’ Party.

The concerted effort of Brussels and the liberal media to demonize leaders such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban, as some modern variant of fascist for defending national sovereign rights to decide who is welcome to become citizen and who not, is increasingly falling on deaf ears for ordinary Europeans who are bewildered at why their politicians refuse to abandon a clearly counterproductive refugee policy.  -

The EU Commission announced last month that Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic would be sued for their decisions to not take in refugees by order of the un-elected EU leadership. Hungary was also going to be sued for passing a higher education law that would, according to Engdahl: “likely force closing of the Central European University backed by George Soros and opposes a Hungarian law requiring foreign-financed NGOs such as those backed by Soros to file as “foreign funded.” Soros-backed NGOs in the EU are major proponents of significant refugee inflows into the EU.

Engdahl also notes that:  “On April 8 Orban faces re-election in a national vote where US hedge fund speculator and political NGO operative, Hungarian-born George Soros, is financing a massive effort to defeat Orban and his Fidesz party, though the opposition at present is very divided.”

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban was quoted in the article as saying that: ““The people’s will is clear. The people do not want to live under the threat of terrorism; they want security, they want their borders to be protected, and they want their leaders to take those people out of the Schengen Area who have no reason to be there.”

Engdahl describes the unfolding scenario in Europe as being similar to a game of ‘chicken’.

For international listeners who may not be familiar with this expression or with this childhood game, it involves two or more people being dared to do something, to see who ‘chicken’s out’ or who becomes the first person to back away from the dare or the activity.

Engdahl writes that:  “What is becoming a game of political chicken between Brussels, backed by especially France and Germany, to force mandatory refugee quotas on the member states of eastern Europe could prove very risky for, above all, Germany, the strongest economy in the EU. The very states Berlin is pressuring to join its refugee policy—Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic—far from being helpless banana republics or economically in dire straits—as a group, the so-called Visegrád Group, constitute Germany’s largest trading partner, larger as a group than France or China.

With the UK Brexit departure from the EU, there will be a major shift in voting weighting among the remaining EU member states. The major benefactor of this shift will be the Visegrad 4, especially Poland. If they maintain a common opposition to Brussels on key policies such as mandatory refugees, their political influence could become felt as never before.”

We have not heard much, if anything from this alliance of countries in the past.  Just how powerful could this collective be?  Well, according to Engdahl:  “The Visegrád Group countries are second only to the United States in supplying to German exporters, which is vital for the continued competitiveness of the German economy.

The V4 countries have a collective GDP equal to that of Turkey; they are economically indispensable to the “Old Union”, including Germany, which is treating Central European countries condescendingly and patronizingly.

Engdahl closes his article with speculation on how this alliance, if they choose to play their cards collectively, could put pressure on Germany to soften its position, or Germany and the EU could end up becoming the big losers.

It may not seem so obvious here, but what we are witnessing is that when informed citizens begin to put pressure on politicians, the politicians will either rise up to answer the call, or they will be pressured to act, or not act.

We have seen Iceland rise up and make their voices heard.  Greece also did the same, except that the leadership of Alexis Tsipras failed and surrendered to the will of the EU, to the disappointment of many Greeks.

Some countries are taking note of what is happening, and they are listening to their people.

Shutting one’s borders to the plight of refugees is not ‘racism’ although the agenda is trying to brand anyone resistant to the refugee policy as being ‘racist’.

The refugee crisis was an intentionally-created ploy to destabilize Europe.  Young men of a fighting age, are being sent into countries.  Where the media is, there may be some women and children.  In other cases, It appears more likely that just young, angry men are being paid off, perhaps by people like George Soros, to go in intentionally create chaos.

How bad is it becoming in some countries around Europe?  An article appearing on on January 13th  reports that:  “A German police officer has revealed that law enforcement are unable to arrest refugees amid a violent refugee crisis in Germany. 

The officer, referred to as  Bernd K., said many incidents involving excessive violence, sexual assaults and racism by refugees are being kept a secret by the government.

At first, mostly families with children – who looked educated and spoke English – were coming here,” the officer said.

Meanwhile, 95 percent of refugees are now single men.”

The article continues:  “Referring to abuse and harassment against women, similar to those that took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the officer said such cases are widespread in Bavaria as well.

“At the train station, women are sexually harassed and offended on regular basis.

When we speak of an entry ban [to the area], they would shout on us: ‘You are not my police. You are a racist’.”

The police officer was quoted as saying that:  “However, when a refugee needs to be controlled, the police cannot arrest him even for a while, the officer said, citing “superior orders” prescribing not to use coercive actions. “Our domestic rule is – better to let him run away.” - 13JAN18 Sean Adl-Tabatabai, : Refugee Crisis: Police Officer Admits ‘We Can’t Arrest Them’

The increase in sexual abuse cases in Germany, Sweden, and Austria in particular have led authorities to advise women not to go out walking alonEat night in their home cities and countries.

Fear and separation of humans is the agenda.  ‘Racism’ is one of the tools of this agenda.

The strategy appears to be failing however, thanks to informed people who are keeping themselves grounded, and not falling into fear, but instead who are demonstrating to others how to stand up, speak out, and ask the hard and intelligent questions that others have been too afraid to ask.


In financial news,

Groundhog Day came on Friday, Feb 2, and although some sources reported the groundhog as seeing his or her shadow, the shadow right now seems to be falling on the financial markets. 

I’m not going to go into details of this just yet, because I am unsure at this time exactly what the nature is of this market event.  It could be a planned event, as some of the elites pull out of the market ahead of something else that the elites believe may happen.

An article appearing on the website on Feb 3rd has reported on how the 1% seemingly received a scare on Groundhog Day.

Those connected to the world of finance appear to have the tools to track who the winners and losers are in the markets, and this article seems to suggest that some of the worlds’ most wealthy elites lost a lot of money in this recent financial event. One article on the DollarCollapse website estimated losses by elitists as being just under 70 billion dollars. - 03FEB18 : The 1% Get A Scare — More To Come?

Assuming this to be true for a moment, does this mean that perhaps the algorithm that has been used in the past that the general public does not have access to, has been shut down?  It is hard to say at this time.

An article on ZeroHedge on Feb 3 is making comparisons to the recent events as being very similar to the major market crash of 1987.  - 03FEB18 : Goldman's Clients Have Just One Question: Is It Really 1987 All Over Again?

As I have stated previously on various occasions, we are in uncharted waters…at least for this current lifetime. A deeply destructive financial paradigm is on life support, and some might argue that the plug has already been pulled, and the system is gasping for air.  This is a criminally fraudulent system that has been protected by an equally fraudulent system of commercial rules that have been given the force of law, while being imposed upon people who are treated as commercial entities themselves, all without the informed, democratic consent of those same people. Meanwhile this dying paradigm has protected, and its commercial rules enforced, by people with a lower IQ – an IQ that makes them able to follow orders, but not be intelligent enough to question those same orders.

An article on ZeroHedge on Feb 3rd sums it up this way:  “The Market Is On The Edge Of Chaos, A Zone Where Rare Events Become Typical".

The article explains this a bit more, stating how the four pillars that are holding up the markets are all strained to the breaking point simultaneously.

According to the article:  the four components, characterizing the basin of chaotic attraction for markets are:  cash, valuations, debt and quantitative easing flows.  All four are at a point of breaking.

The article closes with the following:  “Markets are in an uncomfortable spot, where not much escape is available via new lending, not much escape via higher valuations, not much escape with new QE, not much escape with more leverage, not much escape with more cash to deploy.

No escape does not necessarily imply a crash. However, treading water on the 'edge of chaos' is dangerous, as any small perturbation has the potential to trigger a critical transformation. An exogenous or endogenous trigger can easily push the equilibrium out of its small basin of attraction. A new equilibrium may be waiting to assert itself, nearby, through chaos.

We are in a phase transition zone, where financial markets are fragile and sit on the ‘edge of chaos’. This is the zone where rare events become typical.” - 03FEB18 :  "The Market Is On The Edge Of Chaos, A Zone Where Rare Events Become Typical"

 To the individuals who are grounded in and attached to, the dying, or rather transitioning, financial paradigm, this is going to seem very frightening, for they are witnessing the disappearance of everything that they worked their entire lives for. 

Although understandable from their perspective, these individuals will need the strength and leadership of those who currently understand and see that we are moving into a new paradigm, even if it is only a temporary, or bridge paradigm, to one that is grounded in a higher vibration of consciousness.  This will only become more clearly understood over the coming months and year.

Many have been observing the unfolding financial events, and are choosing to move into this new phenomenon called ‘cryptocurrencies’.   Those already involved are noting the rapid shifting, especially recently, in the prices of ‘alternative coins’ or ‘altcoins’ as they are also called.

What is interesting to see is how financial analysts, trained to work with the current financial paradigm, attempt to interpret something that functions differently to the current paradigm. Of course, most of those same business pundits and analysts are fearful of losing all that they have gained, including their jobs and reputations, from the old paradigm.

In other cases, some sources try to explain and offer at least some interpretations that may be more meaningful.

Take for example an article on the Guerilla Capitalism website. A recent article on this site attempts to explain the process that Bitcoin is going through now.  According to this article: The Gartner Group is widely credited with formulating the “Hype Cycle”, a trend curve that is said to model the adaptation of a new technology or paradigm.

According to Wikipedia:  “The hype cycle is a branded graphical presentation developed and used by the American research, advisory and information technology firm Gartner, for representing the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies. The hype cycle provides a graphical and conceptual presentation of the maturity of emerging technologies through five phases. - : Hype Cycle explanation.

To imagine this graph, you have ‘visibility’ on the vertical scale and ‘time’ on the horizontal scale. At the starting point of this graph, there is the ‘technology trigger’, or the point when something is introduced.  In this story, the technology is Bitcoin.

In the beginning, very few knew about Bitcoin, and therefore its visibility was very low.  Time was also very low, because it was so new at the time of its introduction. Over a relatively short period of time however, Bitcoin shot up really high on the visibility scale, and drew the attention more and more of people around the world.

At a certain point however, the model suggests that Bitcoin would hit phase 2, which is called the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’.  At this point, there would be a very rapid drop into phase 3, called the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’.  After this phase, the next phase is the ‘Phase of Enlightenment’, followed by the ‘Plateau of productivity’.  The author is this article, Mark Jeftovic believes that Bitcoin is now entering this ‘Trough of Disillusionment’.  It is his belief that this is the phase where the get-rich-quick people get fed up and leave for something new, leaving the currency to balance or level out and mature.

He closes this article by addressing what people can do about this.  He writes that: If you listen to Lets Talk Bitcoin, they frequently say to invest in the skills and the technology not the price. Don’t spend your money on “investing” in crypto-coins, spend it on learning how to work within this still emerging technology (programming, business, law, whatever) and either develop income streams that earn crypto-currency, or figure out a way to add these streams to your existing business.

Now is the time to hone your skills, now is the time to adapt your business to this new technology if you haven’t already. No you don’t have to regret “missing out”, if I’m right then nobody is going to experience FOMO or ‘fear of missing out’,  for a very long time – and that’s the quiet period you can turn to your advantage.” -  Mark Jeftovic, : Welcome to Bitcoin’s “Trough of Disillusionment”

This is one person’s interpretation. There are some people speculating that it will shoot up even higher than it was previously.  There are those, like JP Morgan CEO Jame Daimon who are claiming Bitcoin is a fraud – a laughable and hypocritical comment, considering JP Morgan has been one of the architects of the financial fraud known as the fractional reserve model of banking.  There are those who are saying that Bitcoin is a digital trap, created by the global cabal as a way to get more money to fund their activities, since people like Trump, and countries like Russia and China, are shutting down, or making obsolete, the previous systems by which the global elitists could steal from others.

All of the above are possible, with some of those options much less possible than others.  The key is to simply not become too greedy.  Use the game safely and wisely: put in only that which one can afford to lose, and once a desired goal has been achieved, then pull that money out, and leave the original money in, again as long as one can afford to lose it.

It is a bit challenging at this particular time to know for sure whether the alt-coin phenomenon is truly a transitional step away from the corrupted and criminal financial paradigm known as fractional reserve banking, created with honourable intentions, or whether it is an attempt to draw humanity back into being kept under control.

I would like to create that those who were fortunate enough to become prosperous, and who may become more prosperous, through alt-coins, that they will use their funds for the Highest Good of humanity and our planet, in honourable service.

In the show transcript, I will include links to two other articles from the Guerilla-Capitalism website.  The first will explore what Bitcoin is not, and the second article will explore what Bitcoin is.  - : This time is different: part one – what Bitcoin isn’t.  - :  This time is different: part two – what Bitcoin is.


In general news,

A CVN listener from the US replied to my story last week about the supposed US tax code changes.  - 30JAN18 anonymously, : "The New Tax Law Destroys the IRS" by (Anonymous) - 1.30.18  - : THEY JUST BROKE THE U.S. TAX SYSTEM WITH THE NEW INCOME TAX LAW (H.R. 1 - Dec. 2017)  - : How to Beat the IRS in Court

This listener wrote the following to me:  “I am responding to your request , As a native USA Man, I learned the truth about this TAX on

labor long ago, 11 years, and stopped paying these criminals.   Notice I am not in jail .  It is very true that you are not required to pay that type tax on money you earn by your labor . This is provided by our constitution.

The big issue in the USA is to get a regular job and be employed by a company where you are forced to sign  IRS forms, a W2,  that take money out of your check.  Then if you want some of that money back at the end of the year you must sign a 1040 form.  If you are caught cheating with additional income like cutting grass or such you will be Jailed ,  So here is the rub - stop signing a 1040,  get a job out of the current system employers.  Know and have on file, the videos and written laws that say its a voluntary tax.  For me its worth the sacrifice of not making big money like I used to because I do not pay the beast.”

Recently, former IRS Commissioner Steve Miller appeared before a congressional committee to answer questions, and he agreed with the panel, when faced with the information that the payment of income-related taxes was voluntary:  - 24JAN18 TaxENC via : Former IRS Commissioner Steve Miller admits voluntary tax compliance

The following audio clip offers testimony from several former IRS tax agents who left their positions after discovering the truth.  Pay particular attention to the comments made by the gentleman who explains where your income money goes and also the comments about what to do if you are sent an audit request:  - published 31MAY2010 via : How You Can Legally Avoid Paying US Income Tax (Aaron Russo)

There are numerous ways in which governments and their various departments, in this case the US, use tricks to cheat people and to make them think that they are required to do this.  As you heard from the CVN listener above, one of the tricks is to take a job from a company that forces employees to consent to hand over their money to income tax, and it is taken from the employee, because many of the company employees are not awake enough, nor are they interested in, defending the rights of others, when they are trying to hang on to their respective jobs.

A personal friend of mine living in Europe, a US citizen, tells me that, due to certain agreements with the country she is currently living in, she says she is unable to get out of paying US tax.  I did not push the issue with her, but perhaps there was a rule that a country can expel any US citizen not paying the US tax. 

It is for reasons such as these that emphasize how important it is to become really informed on one’s rights, but also to know the rules that are being imposed upon them.

In the show transcript for this story, I’ll post links to some additional articles and videos that cover this subject in more detail, for those US citizens wanting to learn more.  - 23DEC2015 Rebel Hays via : Jurisdiction Federal Income Tax IRS and why you never owe it.  - 23NOV2011 via : Ron Paul - TAXES & Pay No INCOME TAX  - 15JUN2009 via : Three things never to say to the IRS.

REVIEW:  LINKS FROM LAST WEEK  - 18JAN18 : Did Congress and Trump provide ultimate tax remedy hidden in the new bill?  - : H.R.1 - An Act to provide for reconciliation pursuant to titles II and V of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2018.


Switching over to something a bit more esoteric now;  whether or not one chooses to accept the influence that astrology has in the unfolding of global events or any shifts in personal or overall human consciousness, the science appears to validate that there is indeed a connection.

Given the recent event on January 31 of a super, blue and blood Moon, many have been sharing their thoughts on what it all means. 

Carl Boudreau, who has been featured on this newscast on at least several occasions, has commented on how the oligarchic power over the last four decades especially, have been the result of the placement of our outer-most planets within the astrological signs that empower the 1% and not humanity.

Boudreau has written on this previously, and I will not comment on that just now, but I will post a link in the show transcript for interested people to learn more.

In this recent article, Boudreau shares the following:

“Attention is being focused on the big fancy eclipse of 1/31/18 UT and the follow up eclipse on February 15, UT, and here I am writing about the Uranus Taurus Ingress. Why?

No matter how dramatic an aspect is (and this one is a real headline grabber), it can only be properly understood in terms of the overall astrological context. That, is as true of the eclipse, as it is of the Uranus Taurus ingress that I am writing about. The astrological context for both is pretty much the same. So much of what I would have to say about the eclipse, I would also have to say about the Uranus Taurus ingress.

In recent months, I have been speaking in terms of the long, slow breakdown of the oligarchic alignment. Between the early 1970s and 2010-11, when Uranus entered Aries, the three powerful outer planets were all in signs associated with the 1%.

The 1% used this astrological lineup to massively empower themselves. The outcome of almost 40 years of political and economic dominance by the 1% is global oligarchy. Since 2010-11 when Uranus moved out of the oligarchic alignment, into Aries, the astrological story has been about the agonizingly slow breakdown of the oligarchic alignment and the global oligarchy to which it gave rise. If you are interested you can find an account of this situation in this post.  - 04DEC2017 Carl Boudreau via Facebook:  December 2017 - As Far as the Astrological Eye Can See  - 22SEP2016 Carl Boudreau via : October 2016 - The Deep Astrological Context

The Uranus Taurus ingress is about reaching a major threshold in the break down of the oligarchic alignment and a shift in power. The Uranus Taurus ingress heralds the arrival of a major shift in social, political and economic values.

The astrological context is about breaking free of oligarchic control - of resetting the gross imbalance of political and economic power between the 1% and the 99%. The Uranus Taurus ingress is, I believe, about the critical political and economic turning point so many have been waiting for.

In my astrological opinion, both the eclipse of 1/31/18 and the Uranus Taurus ingress are about the same thing - a tipping point in the breakdown of the oligarchic alignment and its earthly reflection, entrenched global oligarchy. The big fancy eclipse on 01/31/18 will be a prelude to the transformational process triggered by the Uranus Taurus ingress.

Eclipses are change agents. Typically, they trigger long-awaited, long-delayed changes. Eclipses also trigger course corrections. I think this extra special eclipse (Blue Moon, Red Moon, Super Moon eclipse) will trigger some of the changes needed to finally undo the grip of oligarchy. The rarity of such eclipses reflects just how important those changes are and how difficult they would be to finally bring about without an assist from the eclipse.

This eclipse is a preview of things to come. This eclipse will be a powerful detonation at the foundations of the oligarchic status quo. The upcoming transit of Uranus in Taurus will finish the job of demolition.

When all is said and done, then, I believe the eclipse of 1/31 UT will kick start the change process to be continued by Uranus in Taurus. However, of the two, I think the Uranus Taurus ingress is the more important and more far reaching astrological event. If you want to know what I really think about this eclipse, read what I have to say about the Uranus Taurus ingress.]”  - 31JAN18 Carl Boudreau via : The Uranus Taurus Ingress - The Turning Point.

So assuming Boudreau’s interpretation of these astrological events is true, and given what we are now witnessing worldwide, there does appear to be a good argument to support Boudreau’s assessment.

For some who have not seen any changes leading up to this moment, the current changes make appear to be very ‘sudden’, ‘chaotic’ and for some others, they may appear frightening.  For the majority of CVN listeners, I’m sure, all the current changes are being welcomed with eager anticipation, because finally, the world is beginning to see and understand what so many of us have been feeling, talking and writing about for years if not longer.

With this validation, it gives many of us, myself included, a bit of a boost in knowing that everything that we have been doing over many years, without validation, support or recognition, is finally being confirmed.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  - - 13JAN18 Carl Boudeau via : January 2018 - Saturn in Capricorn, the Turning Point


In some disclosure-related news for this week, former Minnesota governor and truth advocate Jesse Ventura recently had a chance to interview Steven Greer for the RT network.

Since leaving the world of wrestling, Ventura, also a former Navy Seal, has transferred his skills and knowledge to the small screen to help expose many of the lies and coverups.

Greer, as most listeners will know, is a former trauma doctor, and the founder of the Disclosure Project.  He also has several film documentaries that are exposing the existence of our galactic families.  Greer’s most recent documentary, ‘Unacknowledged’, has been the number one documentary worldwide on Netflix and iTunes.

Although Greer has spoken in the past of the impact of disclosure on the fossil fuel industry, he seems to be shifting the focus of this interview to how the world could have been free of fossil fuels back in the 1950’s. He emphasizes at least three times that this is not a story about ET’s or space, but a story on the secrecy to protect Big Oil and much more.  It appears to be a strategy of planting the seeds of disclosure, but using the focus of how the resolution of the question of how our galactic families got to Earth that will blow everything out into the open, while also breaking the cartels that have been guarding the secrets:  - Jesse Ventura & Dr. Steven Greer - Secret Gov’t Space Program, UFOs. [2018.01.26]

Jesse Ventura & Dr. Steven Greer - Secret Gov’t Space Program, UFOs. [2018.01.26] from J. VDK on Vimeo.


Given that many people seem to grasp ideas relating to oil and technology more easily than the revelation that we are not alone in the uni/multi/omniverse, approaching the issue of disclosure from this perspective may become a way to more easily force this issue into the public domain in a way that could be more acceptable by those currently rejecting it or who are fearful of it.


Over to some science-related news now,  or is it tech news, or is it spiritual news or is it merely a social commentary?

This is a challenging, but also intriguing question, so I’ll let each of you decide for yourselves personally what this story will mean.

Many know the actor Keanu Reeves – known more famously for his role in ‘The Matrix’ series of movies. Less know the challenging life that Reeves has led, or how he lives his life generally in service to humanity and the planet.

According to Google:  “Reeves was born in Lebanon in 1964, the son of Patricia Taylor, a costume designer and performer, and Samuel Reeves, Jr. His mother is English, from Essex. His father, an American from Hawaii, is of Chinese, English, Irish, Native Hawaiian, and Portuguese ancestry.

According to an article appearing on on February 2:  “A war is being fought that will shape the future of human existence and the world we leave for our children, according to Keanu Reeves, who says he is “quietly optimistic” about the future because “humanity is showing signs of breaking free from the matrix.

Reeves was quoted as saying that:  “The human race has been enslaved for thousands of years,” Keanu Reeves said while filming in the Mojave Desert, explaining that “we have been kept in a mental prison by shadowy elites and secret societies that have done all they can to suppress us and stop us reaching our potential.”

The article continues:  “Explaining that he has been studying ancient texts including the Vedanta and the Upanishads and learning about the nature of reality, Keanu said, “Yeah, sure, there are a lot of people still only interested in keeping up with the Kardashians, but a significant chunk of the population have woken up.

“Most importantly there is now a war being fought between our overlord masters and those who wish to set us free.

Here is where the article starts to get a bit more interesting:  “Keanu Reeves says the matrix is a holographic universe being projected to us by those who wish to control us. Humanity has been suppressed and controlled in this manner for millennia. We think it is real, but in actual fact it is just a film being played to the collective consciousness, presenting itself as ‘reality’.

Keanu Reeves is not alone in believing humanity has been living in a matrix for thousands of years.

Some of the world’s richest and most influential people are convinced that we are living in a computer simulation. At least two of Silicon Valley’s tech billionaires are pouring money into efforts to break humans out of the simulation that they believe we are living in.

Elon Musk believes the chances we are not living in a matrix-style computer simulation are “billions to one.”

Many people in Silicon Valley have become obsessed with the simulation hypothesis, the argument that what we experience as reality is in fact fabricated in a computer,writes The New Yorker’s Tad Friend. “Two tech billionaires have gone so far as to secretly engage scientists to work on breaking us out of the simulation.”

But Keanu Reeves believes the Silicon Valley guys have got it slightly wrong about breaking free of the matrix. He has a word of advice for the tech billionaires.”

Reeves feels that the Silicon Valley people have not quite understood however that the shift taking place is a spiritual one, and not a so-called ‘hack’ relating to some fabricated computer-generated reality.  Whether it is one, the other or perhaps even a combination of both, is perhaps a truth that the world is finally coming closer to understand.

Reeves notes how people are becoming tired of “unnecessary wars, totalitarian leadership and authoritarian control’, and that people are finally waking up to what really matters.

Says Reeves:  ““I think people were really scared the world was ending until, you know, very recently. It just felt like things had gotten out of control. We’d lost any hope of being able to save ourselves from the dark forces in the world.

But just open your eyes for a minute and look around at what’s happening. It’s astonishing. People like Trump are lifting the veil on an astonishing web of interconnected manipulation.

Love him or loathe him, he is allowing humanity to wake from its slumber and see that the same few people, the same secret societies, the f*cking New World Order, are actively controlling our lives and suppressing our true ability.”

But people are slowly waking up. It’s time to take back our infinite power and fling open the doors of the mental prison we have been encouraged to build for ourselves. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s time to walk into the light of freedom.”

Are we holograms, living in a holographic matrix? Are we galactic entities incarnated on Earth?  Are we Divine entities from Creator Source experiencing and knowing ourselves through experiences that are not grounded in Light, love, harmony and peace? Are we all of those, or is there perhaps more options that have not been made available to us?

This human journey, although frustrating and perhaps even disheartening to some, is still a thrilling journey, especially now that the people are finally starting to grasp what is going on, giving the rest of us a greater sense of hope that humanity is now able to pull off a ‘Shift for the Ages’, that will benefit not only humanity, but especially our planet that sustains us, and possibly also the many galactic families who are here to assist, because their spiritual journey depends upon their service to humanity and Earth.  - 02FB18 Baxter Dmitry, : Keanu Reeves: Humans About To Break Free From ‘The Matrix’


Continuing along the theme of the previous story for a moment, there has long been talk within spiritual, or so-called ‘awakened’ circles of people about the movement of humanity and our planet into higher vibrations that have been classified as 4th and 5th dimensional.

One of the questions however, is : What is the fourth dimension?  Some believe that the concept of ‘time’ is the fourth dimension, while others believe it to be another dimension of ‘space’.

An article appearing on the Outer Places website on January 8th has reported on scientists as having, allegedly, ‘just’ found proof of a fourth dimension. According to the article:  “Two teams of physicists created two separate experiments that simulated what the quantum Hall effect would look like in four dimensions by using only 3-D (and some nearly 2-D) materials. Essentially, the scientists figured out how to visualize fourth-dimensional phenomena in our lower, simpler third dimension.

The applications of this are still incredibly abstract, but there may be some sci-fi levels of payoff once we wrap our heads around the fourth dimension, according to Mikael Rechtsman, one the authors of the new papers: "Maybe we can come up with new physics in the higher dimension and then design devices that take advantage the higher-dimensional physics in lower dimensions." - 08JAN18 Chris Mahon, : Scientists Just Found Proof of a Fourth Dimension

The article includes links to two videos that may help those who are interested in this topic.  I cannot guarantee however that the videos will explain it in terms that are easy for the non-scientific mind to grasp.  The links will be posted in the show transcript however for those choosing to learn more.  - 14JAN2013 Institute for Quantum Computing via : Steven Girvin – The Quantum Hall Effect.  - posted in 2011 Astronomy Corner via : 4th Dimension - Tesseract, 4th Dimension Made Easy - Carl Sagan

EXTRA VIDEOS FOR UNDERSTANDING THE FOURTH DIMENSION  - published 30JUN2016 The Science Elf via : A beginner’s guide to the 4th dimension.  - published in 2008 via : Fourth dimension 101.

If one listens to the video by Carl Sagan in the show transcript, he also explains the fourth dimension.  He used the analogy of ‘Flatland’ that some people will recognize as a story told in a more visual way, featuring a cartoon character named ‘Dr. Quantum.

In that video ‘Flatlands’, which has been aired on this newscast previously, it describes the interaction between a two-dimensional entity with a three dimensional character named Dr. Quantum.  The two-dimensional entity is unable to perceive the existence of a third dimension, and the only way to know it, was to become it.

Based on the knowledge I…and we all, have acquired over the last five to ten years, it is a safe bet that this knowledge is not ‘new’ to the people who have been enslaving humanity, even if it is something ‘new’ to the mainstream populations.  

We are in uncharted waters … although arguably, one might say that this is for our current lifetime, as there are many, myself included, who accept that our current lifetime is a sum-total of many previous lifetimes.

We are beginning to remember something that we always were.  As we take collective steps towards creating a better reality, so too are we journeying towards remembering who we are, through this collective experience of being who we are not.

In many ways, we are coming to BE that which we are and as we become then can we theoretically look upon the 3D reality and see the limitations that we all chose to experience by incarnating into our current human forms.

Having shared this, humanity and our planet appear to be shifting into an awareness of, and existence within, a fourth and perhaps even fifth dimensional vibration.  I will include also in the show transcript a video to a documentary that attempts to explain the 4th to 11th dimensions, for those who are really wanting to go down that rabbit hole.  I admit, I have not seen this documentary yet, so I can only recommend you use your discernment. I am kind of interested myself in seeing how this source pulls off the explanation. - 08APR2017 Documentary 17 via : The 4th to the 11th dimensions – quantum physics theory 4th to 11th dimension – full documentary.


Finally, in some health-related news,

The flu season, at least in North America, is being called one of the worst, if not the worst, flu season ever experienced.

There is one speculative reason, as being reported by some, that the flu this season has been intentionally engineered as a result of the increasing crackdown on all things relating to the global cabal.  Assuming for one moment that there is truth to this, then there has been collateral damage across many age groups, as some have died from this so-called flu.

Doctors have reported, including the doctor who recently treated my mother and her husband, that the flu vaccine this year is not effective at all.  Assuming THIS to be true, it might give more credibility to the fact that the vaccine is merely being pushed out to make people sick or kill them.

Many people, sadly, still seem to want to hang on to the belief that their governments really do care about them, and that governments have the best interests of their citizens at heart.  Increasingly however, the evidence is pointing to the exact opposite.

An article appearing on the YourNewsWire website from last November had reported that:  “A JAMA study has found that the flu vaccine, taken by 60% of people over 65-years-old, may be killing a significant number of senior citizens.

Sharyl Attkisson, a former investigative journalist for CBS, says the study shows there is no improvement in mortality rates among senior citizens who get flu shots, and may actually contribute to increased ill-health and death. reports: The study “got little attention,” she says, “because the science came down on the wrong side.” Whereas the researchers had set out to prove that the push for massive flu vaccination would save the world, the researchers were “astonished” to find that the data did not support their presupposition at all. The data actually shows that deaths increased, not decreased, among seniors following vaccination.

Johns Hopkins scientist, Peter Doshi, Ph.D., issued a report in the prestigious British Medical Journal, according to NewsLI, asserting that the CDC policy of routinely recommending the flu vaccine is being based on “low quality studies that do not substantiate claims.” He says there is no evidence that the vaccine reduces deaths among senior citizens.

The article continues:  “There appears to be growing public skepticism that the flu vaccine is as beneficial as the experts say, according to an earlier Inquisitr report. The level of doubt is strongly correlated to the incidence of accounts of research fraud in the vaccine industry, an industry which makes billions of dollars of profit every year.

Questions must be asked, then, such as: do the benefits of getting a flu vaccine outweigh the risks, especially among vulnerable senior citizens? Or would they be better off choosing to reject the shot? Who benefits if evidence showing the harm of the vaccine is buried? And what would be the motive for fabricating evidence of harm if none exists? If the facts are as solid as some insist, then why do they seem to be threatened by the data being challenged? Shouldn’t truth be able to stand up under scrutiny?  - 17NOV2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai, : Flu Vaccines Are Killing Senior Citizens, Study Warns  - 14FEB2005 Lone Simonsen, PhD; Thomas A. Reichert, MD, PhD; Cecile Viboud, PhD; et al :  Impact of Influenza Vaccination on Seasonal Mortality in the US Elderly Population

The vaccine industry is a massive scam for Big Pharma, Big Medicine and indeed for the general populations, but especially children.

In another article, this one appearing on the Waking Times website from last year, pointing to a study that reveals how much money doctors are making from vaccinating children.

According to this article:  “Insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) pays pediatricians $400 for EACH fully vaccinated child under the age of 2. This means that for every 100 vaccinated patients, the doctor gets a $40,000 bonus!

Moreover, it is now very difficult to find a pediatrician who will accept a family who doesn’t vaccinate. Even parents who partially vaccinate or follow a different schedule have a hard time finding a doctor. Here’s why: doctors have to vaccinate a certain percentage of their patients or they don’t get their bonus. BCBS says doctors need to vaccinate 63% of their patients to get the payout.  The program specifies that patients under the age of 2 must receive 24 inoculations for the doctor to receive the $400 per-patient payout.  - 2016 Performance Recognition Program : How doctors are paid to prescribe vaccinations and drugs.

Why are children being targeted so extensively with vaccines at this time?  It is becoming clear that there are children being born at this time with exceptional abilities.  Sources are allegedly reporting now children being born with more, active DNA strands than humans in the past.

This would make children being born over the last five to ten years much more of a threat to the establishment, and this would provide the justification for them to force dangerous vaccines upon children, to keep them sick and dumbed down, so they will not become a threat to the establishment in the future.  -  08AUG2017 Alex Pietrowski, : Proof Surfaces Insurance Co Pays Massive Bonuses to Doctors for Vaccinating Babies.

10.  ( 1:20:35 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

I’d like to split my comments this week into two parts, covering two topics that are separate, but at the same time, they are similar, for they involve addressing hatred that exists between cultures.  The context however, and of course, is different.  In one case however, one group is able to use the western-based legal system to regain some sense of justice.  The other story will probably take a bit longer.

Story number one:

I have been reported over the last year or on the demonization of Russia by western interests to promote the western hegemony agenda.  The attacks on Russia have been on numerous fronts: political, economical especially, but with the help of the western media, the attempt is to paint all Russians as being ‘bad’.  Arguably, this particular agendum has appeared most strongly in the western attempts to ban Russian athletes from competing in global competitions due to alleged doping infractions by athletes.  It became so bad that the entire Russian Olympic team was banned from participating in the Olympic Games in South Korea which start in a few days.   Since that ban, selected athletes were given permission to participate, but they could not do so under the Russian flag, but only under a ‘neutral’ flag.

In this sense, the Olympic Games have only become a political vehicle for the humiliation of any country that is deemed to be a threat to western hegemonic agenda.  In a world, the athletic world, where politics was never meant to be a part, athletes who have spent their lifetimes training to participate in an event that celebrates sports and individuals and humanity coming together for several weeks, it has been reduced to an event where no winning athlete will be able to fully claim to be the best in the world, because a strong, athletic country was denied participation due to political decisions made by certain people in power, without the informed, democratic consent of he people.

It had been my personal hope that many Asian countries would voluntarily choose to boycott the Olympics, to put pressure on the Olympic Committee to overturn the ban.  This, sadly, has not happened.

Alexander Mercouris, writing for The Duran on Feb 2nd reports on a partial win however by the Russian Olympic team.  According to this article:  “ a Court of Arbitration for Sport lifts IOC imposed lifetime bans on Olympic participation by 28 clean Russian athletes. 

The article also goes into greater detail about how there really is no evidence to prove that Russia has been intentionally doping its athletes.

Mercouris, in fact, writes that:  “the International Olympic Committee’s own Schmid report,  concluded that there was no evidence of any government organized state sponsored doping scheme in Russia.  He added that:  “The anti-doping systems now put in place in Russia are now universally acknowledged to be just about the best in the world……

Given that this is so and that there is no longer any possibility of Russian athletes engaging in a massive doping conspiracy in the coming Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, why is action being taken to prevent them competing on the same basis as everyone else?……  - 02FEB18  Alexander Mercouris, : Russia’s Olympians win case against International Olympic Committee.

Mercouris notes his own personal feelings, which reflect my own personal feelings, that the western countries, led by the US, are fearing humiliation on the Olympic podium, especially by a country that is being targeted politically and economically for its rebellion against the debt-based currency model, and western hegemony.

Story number two:

In this story, I’m going to share the audio clip of a video project that has gained millions of views worldwide regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine, or more specifically, between Jews and Palestinian-Arabs in particular.

The video is about four minutes long.  In certain parts, you will not be able to hear what is being said, but the individual making the video comes on to explain what happens.  Although the video sounds very sad in its outcome, the video maker, Nuseir, going by the Facebook name of Nas Daily, adds a follow-up comment under the video that he did meet two, young Jewish women who were very friendly and accepting of him.

The video captures the essence of the conflict and highlights how many of both cultures are not interested in hate or hurting each other.  It is an inspiring story of how to face potential abusers, while trying to transform a situation.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!  I leave you with this video from Nas Daily on Facebook about his interaction with Jews in Jerusalem:





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