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Cosmic Vision News - 11NOV16 - Show Summary With Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - November 11, 2016

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Greetings and blessings to all!

So the charade of the US is finally over, and I for one, am happy about this. The sky has not fallen; the Sun rose the next day, and the world continued. Of course, the world is witnessing the fallout now. 

The deep-rooted division that has existed within the American psychology but more or less suppressed until now, has been exposed for the world to see, although the world was pretty much aware of this already. There is a lot of anger and resentment, and I am choosing not to focus on that. Rather, I would like to focus on possible reasons for why the outcome happened the way it did, and more importantly, focus on how we move forward in learning the lessons from this, and using these lessons to move forward in continuing to change the world in a way that is for the Highest Good of all, even though there are so many who are not yet able to accept this shift, let alone see it in this one election result.

Let’s try to make a little bit of sense in the wake of all the fallout, positive and negative.

The first HUGE failure outcome of the US election goes to the mainstream media. The mainstream media pretty much had it all wrong, right from the beginning, and if nothing else, this should finally show people how corrupt western media is, and that they have finally outdone themselves in proving once and for all, how irrelevant their service is to humanity and the planet.

The second outcome was the result itself, and this may take some time before the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’ is revealed through this outcome.

For now, each of the two main candidates fulfilled their roles in polarizing their respective supporters. This election has served its purpose in revealing the deep divisions that have been covered up and suppressed within the American psychology - an exposure that is now necessary, if the country is to move forward into higher vibrations of evolution. 

Even the candidates of the less successful parties still played a significant role in revealing and addressing the deep-rooted negativity of so many in the country. It is this deep-rooted negativity that the controlling cabal of the US has fed upon and profited from…and now it has been exposed for those within the US to reflect upon as they choose to move forward…. or not.

It is going to take longer for the deeper lessons to be understood by all those who became so emotionally attached to the outcome, that they felt inclined to fall into the denser vibrations of negativity and who are now among the group of people lashing out in protest against President-elect Trump for what they think he represents.

There is speculation that election-rigging had been taking place for both candidates. What is not so clear is by whom this was done and why. In the case of Clinton, it is a bit more clear, but in the case of Trump, it is less clear and less understandable by most who are unable to see the BIGGER, bigger picture of the meaning for why this vote turned out the way it did.

There is perhaps an irony that was revealed in this election cycle. Trump was quoted over twenty years ago as saying that if he were going to run for President, he would run as a Republican because Republicans were so stupid in his words, that he could lie about anything, and people would believe him.

In essence, his pre-election rhetoric proved exactly that point. In the process of stating it all publicly however, what he also pulled out into the Light was the denial of this deep-rooted negativity within the American psychology. As a presidential candidate, one might not expect a candidate to say the things Trump said. Yet, he said them, and rightly or wrongly, he empowered his own base of support, perhaps not so positively but this remains to be observed. He also exposed the hidden negativity within the Democratic Party. This could be seen in the way that Clinton supporters were immediately rejecting Trump, without even knowing what he is going to do. reported on Nov 10th that Google was extremely active during and after the election with people trying to make sense of the surprise outcome. RT likened the election result to the BREXIT referendum in the UK a few months back, and this result could be considered a ‘BREXIT 2.0’.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 : ‘How did Trump win?’ People turn to Google after shock US election result.

Australian journalist John Pilger, in an article posted on his homepage, explores how the liberal class enabled the election of Trump. In an excerpt from video attached to that page, Pilger explains the following:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 RT via : John Pilger: ‘The truth is… there was no one to vote for’ (Going Underground US election special) .

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 John Pilger, : How The Liberal Class Enabled The Election of Donald Trump.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Australian journalist John Pilger.

Pilger mentioned that the Democrats helped create the situation that later buried them. It was their rigged voting and corruption within the Democratic Party itself that resulted in Bernie Sanders losing to Clinton. Although Pilger seemed to feel that Sanders would have lost to Trump, there are sources suggesting otherwise. Andrew Buncome, in a Nov 10th article for the London Independent reported that Trump would have lost the election had Sanders been the candidate.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 Andrew Buncome, : Donald Trump would have lost US election if Bernie Sanders had been the candidate.

However, there is still that episode of the TV show The Simpsons, from the year 2000 that predicted that Trump would become president. The Simpsons apparently made numerous predictions that would later become true, and a video will be posted in the show summary for this story from Dahboo7 who looks at some of the predictions made by this TV show. It suggests quite clearly that there were people in the know, who had been given information from the future that certain things would come to pass.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29AUG2015 Dahboo77 via Simpsons Episode from 2000 Predicts TRUMP Becomes President and More.

Focusing more on the outcome however, it is worthy to note what did and did not happen leading up to, during and after the result was officially known.
Leading up to the realization of a Trump win, the financial sector went into a dive, as the futures markets were clearly rattled about what the outcome was going to mean. It did not last however. I’ll address more of this in the financial news.

In the follow-up, Trump received a call from Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was an immediate signal to the world that a thaw and potential reset of US-Russian relations would occur under a Trump presidency. This alone could have been the reason why the markets corrected themselves quite quickly, against the predictions of numerous business pundits who would end up eating their own words.

With more, here is this report from RT:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 : Putin on Trump victory: Russia is ready to restore relations with US.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 : Putin on Trump victory: Russia is ready to restore relations with US.

Neil MacFarquhar writing for the New York Times on Nov 9th, commented on the remarks made by Putin towards Trump and attempted to continue the negativity towards both Trump and Russia by writing the following: “ Still, there was no mistaking the enthusiasm with which the Kremlin viewed Mr. Trump’s ascension. His lack of foreign policy experience, questioning of NATO, open admiration for the Russian leader and seeming acceptance of Russia’s annexation of Crimea all seemed to play into the Kremlin’s hands.

Prominent analysts gloated about the opportunity this presented for Russia to extend its global influence and, possibly, shed economic sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe over Crimea and Ukraine.

“Undoubtedly, they are drinking champagne, and for two reasons: one is political, the other psychological,” said Gleb O. Pavlovsky, a political consultant who once worked for the Kremlin.

The political reason is that Russia benefits from disarray in the global order, he said, and psychologically the Kremlin feels more in tune with the anti-establishment view of Trump. Overall, he and others said, there is joy that the liberal establishment in the West has suffered another defeat.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 Neil MacFarquhar, : For Russia and Putin, a Surprise Gift From America.

RT reported on Nov 9th comments made by former US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel, writing that: “ One of the priorities for the next US president has to be a “real reset” with Russia, Hagel said, adding that anti-Russian sentiment in America has reached boiling point and is at its worst level since the Cold War.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 : ‘Not a button, but a real reset’: US needs major change in Russia relations, says ex-Pentagon chief.

Global leaders are now finding themselves in the very common and very uncomfortable position of having to change their positions on Donald Trump and extend olive branches…of which there are many. An RT video will be posted in the show summary with more details on this angle.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 : ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’? World changes attitude to Trump after election result.

Are there any hints as to what may be the BIGGER, bigger picture for this election result? One possible hint may be found in an article appearing on the 21st Century Wire news website on Nov 10th. The article has a video of author David Icke, who shares his insights on what the result of the election reflects:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 : America’s Primal Scream: David Icke Explains Reason for Trump’s Election Result.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 David Icke via : America's Primal Scream, Listen to Us! David Icke Reacts to the US Election Result.

We get a similar hint from Chris Hedges who spoke at a political rally in support of the Green Party candidate Jill Stein. I will be airing selected excerpts from that speech in this week’s FINAL WORDS. The link to the speech will also appear in the show summary for this story. In that speech, which also appears on the TruthDig website Hedges reaffirmed comments by Icke, stating that: “ The rise of Donald Trump is the product of the disenchantment, despair and anger caused by neoliberalism and the collapse of institutions that once offered a counterweight to the powerful. Trump gives vent to the legitimate rage and betrayal of the white underclass and working poor.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06NOV16 Chris Hedges via : Defying the Politics of Fear.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08NOV16 TruthDig via : Chris Hedges speech: Defying the Politcs of Fear.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 : American Uprising

There are already positive and negative signs appearing that will determine how Trump enters his presidency. He gave a surprisingly humble acceptance speech, and he had what reports indicated was a very positive meeting with President Obama the day after the election.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 Olivier Knox, : Trump makes first White House visit as president-elect.

Reports have suggested that he plans to restart various pipeline projects, which will no doubt upset many, and especially those water protectors who are standing up at Standing Rock in North Dakota against the pipeline there.

An article on the from Nov 9th has reported that the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU has already announced a massive legal campaign against Trump. Some celebrities have announced that they are planning to leave the US and Hollywood is apparently up in arms about the Trump win. This actually may be a good thing however, because it may hint that Trump is against a certain part of Hollywood that has been dealing in child sexual abuse and satanic rituals. Those who are leaving may be fearing that they will be arrested.

One good thing, reported by Baxter Dmitry on the website was that Trump is planning on re-opening the investigation into the events of 9/11. If true, this alone could open the floodgates of truth connected to so many issues at this time.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 Natalie Thongrit, : ACLU Announces MASSIVE Legal Action Against Donald Trump, Buckle Up.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 Baxter Dmitry, : Trump: I’m Reopening 9/11 Investigation.

James Gilliland, known for his support of informing humanity about the existence of our galactic families and who is the founder of the Enligthened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, posted an article that appeared on the RumourMll news website, with his comments of the election. In this article, among other things, he shares that: “ Trumps campaign brought all the rats out from under the woodwork in main stream corporate sponsored media as well as the agencies hiding the Clinton criminal history. He exposed a long history of corruption, black mail, and murder for the lust of power and wealth.

He was the wild card the banksters could not control. I still would like to see a council of Grandmothers running the country, people chosen because of their history of service and spiritual adeptness. Right now for the house cleaning process Trump is the guy. We need to support him and hold his feet to the fire making sure he continues to give the NWO a major black eye. He also offers another thought, a bit of an uncommon thought for those who are new to alternative news. He states that: “ What you don’t know is Trump is already acting as president under the New Republic and he is restoring our God given rights. Our constitution; which became toilet paper with the old regime the United States Corporation Inc. a now defunct corporation. 

He is working arduously on releasing the World Restoration Funds, Debt relief and the new debt free treasury notes backed by gold.

He is putting his and his family’s life on the line. Bringing in the new currency; which was tried by Lincoln, John Kennedy, and Regan, look what happened to them. Luckily he has the Generals behind him the highest law of the land. They are going to insure the Republic is restored. Meanwhile the brain dead, ignorant and uninformed masses are attacking their saviour. Sound familiar? Are we a nation of brain dead zombies being lead by the queen zombie herself? Are we suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome, worshipping and serving the very captors who have enslaved us through debt, manufactured lack creating an extreme uneven dispersal of wealth? It is sure looking that way.”

For those who voted for Hillary just because she was a woman, Gilliland offers that: “ If you want the woman’s voice to be heard support a woman of integrity, a strong heart and one who truly loves humanity. They have presented themselves such as Jill Stein and others yet they were virtually ignored by the media.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 : "Riots of the Uninformed" - James Gilliland Intel Update 11-10-16.

On her Way of Love blog, Nancy Detweiler reposted an article from a source known to many as Zap, and Zap shares that there are many random acts of kindness that Trump has allegedly done, that have never been given attention, and he names a few. Does this make him a saint? Of course not.

He gives credit to Melania, Trump’s wife who speaks five languages and is quite intelligent.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 Nancy Detweiler, : Are We Beginning To Know The ‘Real’ Donald Trump?

We do not know exactly what the President-elect thinks. On a bigger-picture level, we are not sure how far he is willing to go, if at all, in going after the corruption and cabal interests that infest Washington. A few years ago, Donald Trump was trying very hard to expose Obama as not having been born in the US. Obama got even with Trump at an annual White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011. Maybe Obama paid Trump a compliment without even knowing it. If Trump acts as President the way Obama describes him in this clip, maybe Trump could actually come in and clean out the White House:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30APR2011 via : President Obama Roasts Donald Trump At White House Correspondents' Dinner!

As mentioned, there are both positive and not-so-positive signs, and thus it becomes very important to observe actions, and not just pay attention to words that were uttered during the heat of an election campaign. On a BIGGER, bigger-picture level, there appears to be a very important role that Donald Trump is playing, regardless of how long he serves as President-elect or even as president. Yes, you did hear me correctly. I hinted at a possibility that even more dramatic things could unfold between now and January that could impact the results that we have witnessed from this election.

I am not saying I agree with things that Trump has said. There are certain things he is alleged to have done. The vast majority of humans, in their youth and as part of their awakening, have come to learn who they are, in the midst of who they are not.

I personally have a few friends whom I was certain would not make very good parents, based on how they acted when they were younger. I am eating my words today, at least in a few cases, because, in the right situation, with the right partner, they begin to find their way and shine.

Even my father, who graduated to the afterlife 16 years ago, was very out-going, a bit of a partier and socializer when he was younger. Some described him as being part of the life of a party. I never knew him this way however. It seems that once the full weight of being married hit him, it was like a switch was flipped, and he suddenly buried himself in his responsibility, a practice that would eventually lead to the separation of my parents while I was in early high school.

The point I’m trying to make is this: Some people act out, and some say and write things that obviously are not LIFE-honouring, when they are younger. This is the product of the society that has been created that we now have consented to live in. Suddenly, when put into positions of responsibility, some people change, and begin to embrace the responsibility in way that they never did before. Perhaps it was one’s destiny to change in that moment.

Some will say that they have not consented to a Trump presidency. Some would say that they did not consent to a Clinton presidency, had she won.

We can look at all the verbal diarrhea that was put out during the campaign from both sides. At the end of the day, both candidates, regardless of how one feels about each candidate individually, gave the indication that it is now time to heal divisions, however painful they may be, and move forward.

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result. Trump was elected because it seems many agree with this. Trump however has his own connections to elitist circles, so it remains to be seen if he is merely another chess-piece in the cabal game, because the cabal is known for playing both sides of wars and elections. What is not clear however, is how badly the elitists may have misjudged this outcome.

It appears that they miscalculated very badly. One has to look no further than the mainstream media and how nearly every western media source, at least in the beginning, was very pro-Clinton. Trump represented the seething under-current of anger, rejection, betrayal and denial that is buried deep within the American psychology.

Clinton tried to keep it hidden, while serving the status quo. Those energies are no longer being supported as the Earth goes through very intense energetic changes at this time. Trump called it what it is, and in doing so, upset a huge portion of the population because he exposed the buried rascism and negativity that lies within the American psychology that no one wants to acknowledge, because they have been too conditioned and brainwashed to rally behind a flag, an anthem, and false narrative that the US is the best country in the world…when it has already been exposed to the rest of the world that this is no longer the case…and now that reality is starting to hit home with mainstream Americans.

Looking at it spiritually and energetically, it comes down to this: Trump was mirroring back to a certain part of the population energies that people were obviously feeling, but they were vehemently denying that they existed. No one wants to be called a rascist, and few want to consider themselves raits or whatever else. For humanity to move forward however, it is time that all energies of negativity get named, so that they can be brought out into the open and into the Light for healing. The vast majority of those protesting Trump’s comments, are very likely reacting to a part of themselves that has been revealed but they do not want to like or admit to.

Anytime one reacts negatively to another, it is usually because it relates to something having been revealed about someone, that the individual is too afraid to acknowledge.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, writing for on Nov 10th, noted how the US now resembles Rome before the fall of the Republic. Gobry writes that: “ The common belief until the American founding was that democracy was destined to fail. A political system that promises formal equality can't bear the strain of a system that will always have inequalities of status, however you try to legitimize them. I

n a true democracy, demagogues will win over the people with fatuous promises and showy acrobatics, and accrue enough power to destroy the very democracy that is the source of their power. (Stop me if that sounds familiar.) The reason why they believed this was because that's exactly what happened with Rome. Hence the saying "A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Rome was divided into two primary, but arguably three classes: the patricians who represented the aristocracy; the plebians, or plebs, representing the financially-insecure middle class and then there was the slave labour class, although they were not very active politically.

Gobry makes this comment about the Roman political system at the time: “As is well known, Rome was run by a Senate, but the Senate was actually made up of patricians. To oversimplify, the Senate was like a legislative branch, which nominated the consuls who ran the executive. Did the plebeians not have a voice? The plebeians were represented by elected officials called tribunes, whose main power was the ability to propose legislation and to veto the Senate. 

The plebeians were most often wealthy patricians themselves, since it was the only way to be active in politics, but they were patricians with the common touch, and good tribunes, like good politicians, knew how to appeal to their constituencies.”

What Gobry states is that the US people rejected a patrician in Hillary Clinton, and instead elected a ‘tribune’ in the form of Donald Trump.

CLICK TO VIEW - 10NOV16 Pascal Emmanuel Gobry, : America Now Looks Like Rome Before The Fall Of The Republic.

Although there is truth that we can look back in history for lessons on how we are living today, it is also important to note that there are energies present today that were not present, that we know of, back then. The energies are similar, because they are bringing about the collapse of something that no longer has meaning and purpose, but it is still different, because of so many parallel events and shifts that are both directly and indirectly tied to this one election event, but are also affected by this one election event.

So..with all the negativity finished from the campaign, it is now time to focus on as much positivity as possible. Clinton, to her credit, stated in her concession speech that the results are going to hurt for awhile, but Trump has earned the right to be given his fair shot at the leadership.

For those who are interested, an article appearing on the National Public Radio website on Nov 9th will appear in the show summary, and this article outlines what Trump wants to do in his first 100 days in office. Whether he is able to do some of the things he is claiming to want to do however, remains to be seen.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09NOV16 Amita Kelly and Barbara Sprunt, : Here Is What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days.

This may or may not mean anything to some listeners but I will offer it anyway. Two friends, whom I have known personally for over four years have both received messages from their Higher Guides, and the message they both got was similar to my feeling about this election.

All three of us share a feeling that Trump will not be president for a long time, and it is even possible that he will not be sworn in, come January.
Although they both also admit that there will be short-term chaos, they are both also firmly of the belief, as am I, that the future will be very bright.

Trump’s role was to prevent Clinton from coming into power. Trump fulfilled his role in imploding and exposing all the corruption within the Republican Party. Now that both parties have been exposed, and the election itself has been manifested, the energies can begin moving in other directions to allow the next few dominoes to fall that can allow other geopolitical and geoeconomic changes to manifest, for the Highest Good of all!

The election campaign was for exposing all the deep-rooted negativity, and this has now been exposed. It is time to get on with the process of support and healing, for the Highest Good of humanity and the planet and this goes far above any one leader of any one country, and it is a call that must go to the heart of each individual, for it is together, as David Icke said, that we must co-create the kind of world we are saying we want.

Whatever you are feeling, positive or negative, do your best to just be with it, and allow it. Know that ‘this too shall pass’. Regardless of the results, the consciousness level of humanity and the vibration of the planet continues to rise. If it turns out that Trumps vision is not in alignment with the shift in human and planetary consciousness at this time, you can be very sure that it will not survive much longer. Trump’s win will have served its purpose in preventing Clinton from winning, but then it will be time to introduce an even higher vision for change and it is a change that cannot be stopped any longer.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 11NOV16 Matthew Ward via Suzie Ward, : US presidential election from a ‘beyond-Earth’ perspective..use your personal discernment.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 10NOV16 Matt Palumbo, : HA! NYT’s Paul Krugman just got SCHOOLED on election-night anti-Trump prediction.

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In this week’s FINAL WORDS;
I would like to close this week with a speech that was given by Chris Hedges at a Jill Stein political rally for the US Green Party in Philadelphia.

Chris Hedges has been credited with saying, among other things, that: “ we now live in a nation, referring to the US, where doctors destroy health; lawyers destroy justice; universities destroy knowledge; governments destroy freedom; the media destroy information; religion destroys morals and our banks destroy the economy.”

In this speech, Hedges comments on the importance of people who are able and willing to stand up to oppression, without surrendering their morals and ethics. They are the foundation that will support the awakening people of the world at this time! As you listen to his words calling for people to resist, I gently remind listeners that ‘resistance’, does not necessarily have to be in the form of a physical, violent revolution, although there is always a chance that it may. However, if enough people begin their resistance in their own ways: refusing vaccinations, educating and empowering children to think for themselves and critically question, while respecting and honouring others and our planet; informing local politicians that you and others are becoming more informed the corruption within politics, banking, the legal system, education, healthcare and more - then perhaps the violent revolution will not be necessary because more people will have united under the power of being informed and empowered to push for holistic global peace and healing!

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’…. I leave you with Chris Hedges speaking on November 8th in Philadelphia on defying the politics of fear:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08NOV16 TruthDig via : Chris Hedges: Defying the Politics of Fear | Philadelphia Jill Stein Rally .


CLICK TO VIEW  - 06NOV16 : Defying the Politics of Fear .

“No social or revolutionary movement succeeds without a core of people who will not betray their vision and their principles. They are the building blocks of social change. They are our only hope for a viable socialism. They are willing to spend their lives as political outcasts. They are willing to endure repression. They will not sell out the oppressed and the poor. They know that you stand with all of the oppressed—people of color in our prisons and marginal communities, the poor, unemployed workers, our LGBT community, undocumented workers, the mentally ill and the Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans whom we terrorize and murder—or you stand with none of the oppressed. They know when you fight for the oppressed you get treated like the oppressed. They know this is the cost of the moral life, a life that is not abandoned even if means you are destined to spend generations wandering in the wilderness, even if you are destined to fail.

I was in East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania in 1989 during the revolutions, or in the case of Romania an interparty putsch. These revolutions were spontaneous outbursts by an enraged population that had had enough of communist repression, mismanagement and corruption. No one, from the dissidents themselves to the ruling communist parties, anticipated these revolts. They erupted, as all revolutions do, from tinder that had been waiting years for a spark.

These revolutions were led by a handful of dissidents who until the fall of 1989 were marginal and dismissed by the state as inconsequential until it was too late. The state periodically sent state security to harass them. It often ignored them. I am not even sure you could call these dissidents an opposition. They were profoundly isolated within their own societies. The state media denied them a voice. They had no legal status and were locked out of the political system. They were blacklisted. They struggled to make a living. But when the breaking point in Eastern Europe came, when the ruling communist ideology lost all credibility, there was no question in the minds of the public about whom they could trust. The demonstrators that poured into the streets of East Berlin and Prague were aware of who would sell them out and who would not. They trusted those, such as Václav Havel, who had dedicated their lives to fighting for open society, those who had been willing to be condemned as nonpersons and go to jail for their defiance.

Our only chance to overthrow corporate power comes from those who will not surrender to it, who will hold fast to the causes of the oppressed no matter what the price, who are willing to be dismissed and reviled by a bankrupt liberal establishment, who have found within themselves the courage to say no, to refuse to cooperate. The most important issue in this election does not revolve around the personal traits of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It revolves around the destructive dynamic of unfettered and unregulated global capitalism, the crimes of imperialism and the security and surveillance apparatus. These forces are where real power lies. Trump and Clinton will do nothing to restrict them.

It is up to us to resist. We must refuse to be complicit, even in the act of voting, with the fossil fuel industry’s savaging of our ecosystem, endless wars, oppression of the poor, including the one in five children in this country who is hungry, the evisceration of constitutional rights and civil liberties, the cruel and inhumane system of mass incarceration and the state-sponsored execution of unarmed poor people of color in our marginal communities.

Julien Benda reminds us that we can serve two sets of principles. Privilege and power or justice and truth. The more we make compromises with those who serve privilege and power the more we diminish the capacity for justice and truth. Our strength comes from our steadfastness to justice and truth, a steadfastness that accepts that the corporate forces arrayed against us may crush us, but that the more we make compromises with those whose ends are privilege and power the more we diminish our capacity to effect change.

Karl Popper in “The Open Society and Its Enemies” writes that the question is not how do you get good people to rule. Popper says this is the wrong question. Most people attracted to power, he writes, have “rarely been above average, either morally or intellectually, and often [have been] below it.” The question is how do we build forces to restrict the despotism of the powerful. There is a moment in Henry Kissinger’s memoirs—do not buy the book—when Nixon and Kissinger are looking out at tens of thousands of anti-war protesters who have surrounded the White House. Nixon had placed empty city buses in front of the White House to keep the protesters back. He worried out loud that the crowd would break through the barricades and get him and Kissinger. And that is exactly where we want people in power to be. This is why, although he was not a liberal, Nixon was our last liberal president. He was scared of movements. And if we cannot make the elites scared of us we will fail.

The rise of Donald Trump is the product of the disenchantment, despair and anger caused by neoliberalism and the collapse of institutions that once offered a counterweight to the powerful. Trump gives vent to the legitimate rage and betrayal of the white underclass and working poor. His right-wing populism, which will grow in virulence and sophistication under a Clinton presidency, mirrors the right-wing populism rippling across much of Europe including Poland, Hungary, France and Great Britain. If Clinton wins, Trump becomes the dress rehearsal for fascism.

A bankrupt liberal class, as was true in Yugoslavia when I covered the war and as was true in Weimar Germany, is the great enabler of fascism. Liberals, in the name of the practical, refuse to challenge parties that betray workingmen and –women. They surrender their values for political expediency. Our [failure] to build a counterweight to the Democratic Party after it abandoned the working class with the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994 was our gravest mistake.

Hillary Clinton embodies the detested neoliberal establishment. She can barely fend off one of the most imbecilic and narcissistic candidates in American history. Matched against a demagogue with brains and political skill, she would lose. If we do not defy the neoliberal order, championed by Clinton and the Democratic Party elites, we ensure the conditions for a terrifying right-wing backlash, one that will use harsh and violent mechanisms to crush the little political space we have left.

The tactic of strategic voting begs the question “Strategic for whom?” Our money-drenched, heavily managed elections are little more than totalitarian plebiscites to give a veneer of legitimacy to corporate power. As long as we signal that we are not a threat to the established order, as long as we participate in this charade, the neoliberal assault will continue towards its frightening and inevitable conclusion.

Alexis de Tocqueville correctly saw that when citizens can no longer participate in a meaningful way in political life, political populism is replaced by a cultural populism of sameness, resentment and mindless patriotism and by a form of anti-politics he called “democratic despotism.” The language and rituals of democracy are used to mask a political system based on the unchallenged supremacy of corporate power, one the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin calls “inverted totalitarianism.”

We must build structures of open defiance to the corporate state. It may take as long as a decade for us to effectively confront corporate power. But without a potent counterweight to the neoliberal order we will be steadily disempowered. Every action we take, every word we utter must make it clear that we refuse to participate in our own enslavement and destruction. The rapid disintegration of the ecosystem means resistance cannot be delayed.

Our success will be determined not by the number of votes we get in this or any other election but by our ability to stand unequivocally with the oppressed. The enemies of freedom throughout history have always charged its defenders with subversion. The enemies of freedom have often convinced large parts of a captive population to parrot back mind-numbing clichés to justify their rule. Resistance to corporate power will require fortitude, an ability to march to the beat of our own drum. If we succeed, we will be met with harsher and harsher forms of state repression and vitriolic attacks from the mass media.

No revolutionary abandons, no matter what the cost, those he or she defends. We cannot betray those murdered by police in our marginal communities. We cannot betray the courageous dissidents—Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and the great revolutionary Mumia Abu-Jamal. They have not betrayed us. We cannot betray the dissidents in North Dakota who are defying a fossil fuel industry that is orchestrating the sixth great mass extinction, melting the polar ice caps and raising carbon emissions to over 400 parts per million. We cannot betray the 2.3 million men and women locked in cages across this nation for years and decades. We cannot betray the Palestinians. We cannot betray the Iraqis and Afghans whose lives we have destroyed by state terror. If we betray them we betray ourselves.

We cannot betray the ideal of a popular democracy by pretending this contrived political theater is free or fair or democratic. We cannot play their game. We cannot play by their rules. Our job is not to accommodate the corporate state. Our job is to destroy it. “We think we are the doctors,” Alexander Herzen told anarchists of another era. “We are the disease.”

The state seeks to control us through fear, propaganda, wholesale surveillance and violence. [This] is the only form of social control it has left. The lie of neoliberalism has been exposed. Its credibility has imploded. The moment we cease being afraid, the moment we use our collective strength as I saw in Eastern Europe in 1989 to make the rulers afraid of us, is the moment of the system’s downfall.

Go into the voting booth on Tuesday. Do not be afraid. Vote with your conscience. Vote Green. If we win 5 percent we win. Five percent becomes the building block for the years ahead. A decade ago Syriza, the ruling party in Greece, was polling 4 percent. And after you vote, join some movement, some protest, some disruption, Black Lives Matter, the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel, an anti-fracking demonstration. Courage is contagious. Revolutions begin, as I saw in East Germany, with a few Lutheran clergy holding candles as they marched through the streets of Leipzig in East Germany. It ends with half a million people protesting in East Berlin, the defection of the police and the army to the side of the protesters and the collapse of the Stasi state. But revolutions only happen when a few dissidents decide they will no longer cooperate, when they affirm what we must all affirm, when, as Havel said, they choose to live in truth.

We may not succeed. So be it. At least those who come after us, and I speak as a father, will say we tried. The corporate forces that have us in their death grip will destroy our lives. They will destroy the lives of my children. They will destroy the lives of your children. They will destroy the ecosystem that makes life possible. We owe it to those who come after us not to be complicit in this evil. We owe it to them to refuse to be good Germans. I do not, in the end, fight fascists because I will win. I fight fascists because they are fascists."


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